HAPPY HASH by Love + Organic Farms

This hand-pressed Happy Hash from Love + Organic Farms is the product of hand-trimming hundreds and hundreds of beautiful, organic cannabis plants.

At the end of each trimming session, workers carefully and meticulously scrape the built up resin, kief, trichomes, and sweet leaf off their pruning scissors and into a glass jar. After 6-8 months, the jar is full enough to press into the purest hash you’ll ever find.

This exclusive hash is typically reserved for friends, family, and staff, and has never been sold to the public before. Get your hands on this soft, perfect-for-any-occasion hash before it sells out! Quantities are extremely limited!

Sold in 2g “pucks”

About Love + Organic Farms

Love + Organic Farms is a small, family-operated craft producer dedicated to growing the freshest, tastiest, and most organic marijuana possible. We harvest our cannabis in small batches to ensure the highest quality products are delivered to our customers. We don’t use any chemicals or pesticides, our fertilizers are certified 100% organic, we grow in living soil, and every plant is hand-trimmed with love.

We care about our customers, and we care about our products. Organic isn’t just a buzz-word for us – we have all our marijuana professionally lab-tested and the results speak for themselves. We believe medicine should be pure and chemical-free; otherwise it’s not medicine!

100% Love • 100% Organic • 100% BC


Click on the links below to view lab test results:

Living Soil Organic (LSO)

Living Soil Organic (LSO) cultivation method is basically growing cannabis the way nature intended, without pesticides, man-made chemicals or GMO additives. Live soils contain all the organic nutrients, beneficial bacteria, and friendly fungus required to feed a robust plant from seed to harvest. These plants are healthy and use natural techniques to deter pests and mold. The plants are typically grown on a smaller scale, which means more meticulous care, and the result is a much denser root development and terpenes that are off the charts. This is craft cannabis at its finest.

Our BudTender Says...

Cannabis flower (aka: weed) is best kept in a sealed, glass jar. For shipping reasons, we package our flower in smell-proof mylar bags, but we highly recommend that you remove the flower from the bag once you receive it, and transfer it to a glass jar or container that can be closed or sealed (a mason jar is best). This will help keep your flower fresh for a longer period of time, and also helps to preserve terpenes and flavours 🙂

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
So happy of this happy hash

By far the best hash a ever taste!

Good Stuff

Knowing the reputation scissor hash has I ordered some as soon as it was available. Definitely wasn't a mistake, this stuff is potent as hell and burns nice. Smoked it through a bubbler using a torch lighter and it was pretty smooth, had a decent flavour and gave a super smooth, heavy high.

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