Lemon Kush Mintz


Private Reserve Collection


3.5g (1/8 ounce) – $40
7g (1/4 ounce) – $70
14g (1/2 ounce) – $120
28g (full ounce) – $230


LEMON KUSH MINTZPrivate Reserve Collection

Baby got back! Lemon Kush Mintz is an incredible strain, bred by crossing Lemon Skittlez and Kush Mintz, both of which have some serious genetic backstories. The result is a lemonade punch to the face. If you’ve never been punched in the face with lemonade before, you’re welcome. 😁

Lemon Skittlez is a heavy-hitting, slightly sativa-dominant hybrid, the result of crossbreeding Las Vegas Lemon Skunk and Zkittlez. It has a raw citrus taste and lemon aroma, making it perfect for when the inlaws visit.

Kush Mintz is a balanced hybrid strain, created through a potent cross of the classic Bubba Kush and Animal Mints strains. Perfect for any fan of a super minty flavor.

You’re gonna get all this, and a bag of chips*, when you smoke Lemon Kush Mintz. Soothing lemon taste on the inhale with a fresh burst of mint on the exhale. And even though it’s a balanced hybrid, be prepared for that punch in the face – this is a heavy-hitting strain that will leave you feeling equally blazed in your mind, and your body.

NOSE: lemon, citrus, sweet, pine and mint undertones, dank
BUDS: dense, light green, super crystal, beautiful snap
SMOKE: smooth, sweet, citrus inhale with a minty exhale, terpy, thick clouds, white ash
EFFECTS: uplifting, relaxed, happy
HELPS WITH: depression, anxiety, nausea

*Note: We will not ship bags of chips with your order of Lemon Kush Mintz. Uber Eats your local 7-Eleven. Grab a lemonade too, while you’re at it.


Our Private Reserve Collection comes from a farm whose primary focus is on genetic perfection and unique crosses. Only select strains are grown, with a pound or less of each strain harvested from every crop. Mailbox Marijuana has secured the exclusive rights to the harvests from this farm. Quantities are limited and the quality is bar none. Sometimes genetic details aren’t provided to us, as the farm is working on trademarking their genetics. Grown locally in the greater Vancouver region of BC.

Our BudTender Says...

Cannabis flower (aka: weed) is best kept in a sealed, glass jar. For shipping reasons, we package our flower in smell-proof mylar bags, but we highly recommend that you remove the flower from the bag once you receive it, and transfer it to a glass jar or container that can be closed or sealed (a mason jar is best). This will help keep your flower fresh for a longer period of time, and also helps to preserve terpenes and flavours 🙂

Flower Grading & Pricing

We work directly with local craft farmers, and deal directly with their master growers – there are no middle men. We personally examine every batch presented to us, and evaluate grading and pricing for all our flower on a batch-by-batch basis.

Quality can differ from crop to crop – even if it’s the same strain from the same grower. That means grading and pricing will fluctuate (even for the same strain) based on every batch we get. This way, our customers are getting fair price for value, every time.

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Love this strain - great smooth flavor and bag appeal, fluffs up nicely

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