Live Resin 1g – Headband


RATIO: 60% Indica – 40% Sativa

1 gram of Headband live resin stored in an airtight resealable glass jar, packaged in a vacuum-sealed smell-proof mylar bag.

  • Piney and Gassy
  • Sweet
  • Thick and Creamy

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LIVE RESIN 1G – Headband

Headband is a classic standby and a cross of two venerable parents, OG Kush and Sour Diesel. It’s named after its famed cerebral effects, as it creates a sensation of pressure across the forehead similar to a headband. Though the strain delivers a strong mix of euphoria and creativity, it’s better used as a rainy-day strain, as it tends to cause a spacey feeling that can hinder daytime tasks. The strongest effects are centered on the body, making it a good choice for chronic pain and anxiety.

Each order comes with 1 gram of Headband live resin stored in an airtight resealable glass jar, packaged in a vac sealed smell-proof mylar bag.

This Headband Live Resin is:

  • Piney and Gassy
  • Sweet
  • Thick and Creamy
About Live Resin

When producing live resin, the primary goal is to capture the massive essence and aroma of the live cannabis plant. Products extracted using the live resin process — flash-freezing the cannabis plant material, then extracting it — are associated with high-quality and flavorful concentrates. Bypassing the typical drying and curing processes allows for a greater proportion of essential oils. These essential oils, technically called terpenes, are the compounds responsible for the distinctive flavors and aromas in cannabis, and other characteristics to be expressed in the final product.

Live resin differs from other concentrates such as shatter, rosin, or other BHO products because of its high terpene content. A more complex terpene profile can deliver a different and more complex experience as well, because of the entourage effect—how all the different cannabis compounds work together to create an experience.

Keep live resin cool and in an air-tight container.

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