PICO 500mg Distillate Vape Cartridge (Organic)

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87% THC – Lab Tested

This is a vape cartridge ONLY. Vape pen battery not included.


PICO 500mg Organic Distillate Vape Cartridge

This is a premium, top of the line, 500mg (0.5g) 87% organic THC distillate vape cartridge from Pure Intense Certified Organics (PICO).

PICO cartridges are designed with four airflow holes to allow for maximum inhalation. Leak-proof, child-proof, and burn-proof, the distillate in PICO cartridges will never burn or turn brown.

Made with high-grade surgical steel and third generation Swiss-made ceramic coil, the extra-thick Pyrex glass and triple silicone seals make leaks impossible. The cartridge only contains distillate from organic BC marijuana, with flavours derived from cannabis plant essential oils (terpenes) using PICO’s patented five-step extraction process to ensure the highest quality product available. PICO guarantees the highest potency and smoothest vape experience on the market.

*NOTE: These 1g PICO cartridges cannot be opened or refilled, and are too wide to fit inside a CCell Palm pen.

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87% THC
About PICO

PICO was born out of the desire to provide consumers with a high-end, organic vaping product. Dissatisfied with the cheap quality of what was available on the market, PICO was determined to create a superior vaping experience.

PICO’s five-step distillation process ensures that the product is free of pesticides, solvents, and all other harsh chemicals, and allows the product to retain the highest percentage of THC and cannabis essential oils (terpenes). The marijuana used to make the distillate is tested for pesticide and THC percentage before the distillation process begins.

PICO uses the best ceramic coil heating system available, cartridges are made of glass (not plastic!), and the distillate is 100% organic.

Pure. Intense. Certified. Organic.
PICO: Experience the difference

Learn more about PICO at purepico.ca
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Customer Reviews

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Great flavour, lasts longer than I expected.

Great product

Been enjoying it since it arrived also love the super fast shipping!

PICO Durban Poison Organic Distillate Cartridge

Bag Appeal - The cart came in high end packaging with a lot of information printed on it. The cart looks and feels high end, with variable air flow adjustment and it is constructed of higher end materials. It functions great and has a comfortable mouth piece. The contents of the cart has a light amber colour and has no contaminants. Looks amazing!

Vape- Very enjoyable sessions with delicious flavours of lemon, herbs and flowers. Very smooth pulls and this is a convenient way to get medicated!

Potency - Effects take hold very fast with defined sativa characterstics, but without the jitters or heart racing. Less tokes are needed, and I find after 3-4 pulls Im super baked! Long lasting happy uplifting buzz!

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