Platinum Cookies Shake (28g)


28g (ounce) – $30

This is shake from our popular Platinum Cookies strain. Only sold by the ounce (28g).

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PLATINUM COOKIES SHAKE – Mailbox Marijuana Craft Cannabis

This is shake from our popular Platinum Cookies strain; purple hues and loaded with trichomes.

Platinum Cookies, the next evolution of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), is a cup-winning cross of OG Kush, Durban Poison and a mystery third strain. It gets it’s name from its crazy frosty nugs, which have a beautiful sprinkling of bright purple hues, overtop olive-green leaves and dark amber hairs. The berry, cookie-kush flavour fills your tastebuds on the exhale, and some note a musky spiciness at the tail end.

This is a potent strain, renowned for it’s mood elevating euphoria and deep relaxation effects, and is every bit as enjoyable as the classic GSC high – but with amplified effects. It starts with a euphoric boost that lifts your spirits and leaves you feeling happy and completely at ease. As your mind soars through bliss, your body will fall victim to a tingly body buzz that leaves you utterly relaxed and completely at ease. The high can be a creeper, so be patient and wait for it!

Patients with severe pain, nausea, swelling, migraines, and stress should look no further for relief as symptoms both physical and mood-related melt away instantly.

NOSE: dank, sweet, berries, aromatic
BUDS: lots of crystal, fluffy, nice purple hues, squishy, medium sized nugs, a little scraggly
SMOKE: smooth, salt + pepper ash, flavourful exhale, creeper high
EFFECTS: relaxed, uplifting, euphoric
HELPS WITH: pain, stress, anxiety

Our BudTender Says...

Cannabis flower (aka: weed) is best kept in a sealed, glass jar. For shipping reasons, we package our flower in smell-proof mylar bags, but we highly recommend that you remove the flower from the bag once you receive it, and transfer it to a glass jar or container that can be closed or sealed (a mason jar is best). This will help keep your flower fresh for a longer period of time, and also helps to preserve terpenes and flavours 🙂

Flower Grading & Pricing

We work directly with local craft farmers, and deal directly with their master growers – there are no middle men. We personally examine every batch presented to us, and evaluate grading and pricing for all our flower on a batch-by-batch basis.

Quality can differ from crop to crop – even if it’s the same strain from the same grower. That means grading and pricing will fluctuate (even for the same strain) based on every batch we get. This way, our customers are getting fair price for value, every time.

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