White Widow



1g – $8.50
3.5g (1/8 ounce) – $25
7g (1/4 ounce) – $45
14g (1/2 ounce) – $85
28g (full ounce) – $165



One of the most famous strains in the world, and especially valued in the production of hash, White Widow is a staple sativa-dominant hybrid with powerful energizing effects.

The super-sticky strain provides a clean but heavy stone with a cerebral high that allows users to remain functional and aware of their surroundings. An excellent choice for chatty social use, it provides an almost immediate uplift in mood, energy and focus. The cognitive driven high mixed with relaxing undertones allows users to unwind and relax while still maintaining a sense of mental awareness.

NOSE: earthy, pine, fresh, pungent when busted up with an incense-like smell
BUDS: loose and fluffy, conical/tapered shape buds, mixed nug size, long-haired sativa
SMOKE: smooth inhale – heavy exhale, earthy taste
EFFECTS: euphoric, creative, energizing
HELPS WITH: stress, anxiety, depression

Chroma Cannabis

CHROMA CANNABIS is a small craft farm located in beautiful British Columbia. The farmers are artsy types who see colours and beauty in everything. They wanted to own their own rainbow, so they decided to mainly grow strains with colours in their name. Chroma is the greek word for “colour”, and that’s how CHROMA CANNABIS was born. Taste the rainbow. Smoke the rainbow.

Our BudTender Says...

Cannabis flower (aka: weed) is best kept in a sealed, glass jar. For shipping reasons, we package our flower in smell-proof mylar bags, but we highly recommend that you remove the flower from the bag once you receive it, and transfer it to a glass jar or container that can be closed or sealed (a mason jar is best). This will help keep your flower fresh for a longer period of time, and also helps to preserve terpenes and flavours 🙂

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